Harvest 2018: Môreson, Franschhoek [Part 1]

Posted on January 04, 2018 by Nikki Friedman

Bud break and flowering.

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Help us Celebrate Harvest at our Annual Blessing of the Harvest

Posted on January 10, 2013 by Nikki

The Môreson Blessing of the Harvest Festival is the ideal 2013 summer experience for couples, friends and groups. To Book: Call Tina: 021-876 4004 or email breadandwine@moreson.co.za.

Join us on Saturday the 2nd of February 2013 to try your hand at making wine the old fashioned way. Yes, you’ll handpick your own basket of grapes and then press them using the oldest tools in the winemaking business … your feet.

Once you’re done with your stomping Bread & Wine Vineyard Restaurant will treat you to an unrivalled Harvest Feast. This year you’ll be spoilt for choice with dishes that include: watermelon gazpacho, brown cap mushroom, mascarpone, leek & thyme tart, Italian coleslaw & pancetta, Spier chicken confit, chestnut & truffle terrine, pepper roasted rump and much more. Then there is the wine, oh that delicious wine! With an extensive selection of Môreson and Miss Molly cap classiques and wines you won’t go thirsty.

The 2013 Môreson Blessing of the Harvest Festival costs just R450 per person. Included in this price is: a glass of bubbles on arrival, the harvest, stomping, water during your stomping session, Bread & Wine’s Harvest Feast and your own bottle of foot-pressed wine (available for collection in November 2013).

The Harvest Feast Menu: to view the full Bread & Wine Harvest Feast menu please click here.

Insider's Tip: please wear comfortable shoes, suntan lotion and hats.

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We are Closed every Tuesday and Wednesday this Winter

Posted on May 07, 2012 by Nikki

This winter - from now (the 7th of May 2012) until the end of June 2012 - our Tasting Room and Bread & Wine Vineyard Restaurant will be closed every Tuesday and Wednesday. Boohoo!

The Charming Charley is however still accepting orders throughout the week. So if you need your Môreson fix please give her a call on (021) 876 3055 or email her. Don't forget to make use of your 10% BFF Discount Code: nik_fri to receive a whopping 10%* off your order. Wawawewa.

*This offer is valid for a limited time period. The discount does not include delivery. It applies to private clients only, so this means no trade. Sorry dudes. Our other terms and conditions apply.

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Plastic Tractors - Newsletter 2012 . Vol 1

Posted on May 02, 2012 by Nikki

Môreson - our family farm - holds the most special place in my heart. I, along with my three siblings, grew up here. The four of us spent years playing farmer on our plastic tractors, some of us clearly more genetically suited to this role than others.

We lived by a few simple rules: if it was high it was meant to be climbed; if it was a fruit or looked vaguely edible it was meant to be eaten; and if there was even a ray of sunlight we'd still be out exploring every part of Môreson.

The four of us have long outgrown the plastic tractors. I've graduated to real-life farming equipment. My brothers - Blake and Dane - have replaced man-made tractor noises with Courtnall Williams and Sons, an exciting new wine related business based in the UK. And my sister, Charley, our resident free-spirit, has somehow landed herself the temporary role of Administration Assistant. She's doing daily battle with the accounts and regularly slaying all kinds of general ledger demons. If you call Môreson it's likely you'll have a chat to Charley.

When the four of us get together on the farm (which doesn't happen as often as we wish it did) we're reminded of just why we love Môreson so much. It is a place children spend hours splashing around the water features and exploring, just like we did so many years ago. It is a farm were families lounge over long lazy lunches. It is a winery where wines are patiently and lovingly crafted from vines that have grow for years. It is our home and we feel privileged to be able to share it with you.

To view our full newsletter please click here.

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Only a few cases of our award-winning 2010 Premium Chardonnay left ...

Posted on March 27, 2012 by Nikki

We have only a few cases of our award-winning 2010 Môreson Premium Chardonnay available worldwide. Yes, only a few cases of six available in the-whole-wide-world. Oh the horror!
This means that if you're a Premium Chardonnay lover, and there are a lot of you out there (I'm married to one of the biggest ... that is: biggest Premium Chardonnay lovers), you need to purchase through our online store or get hold of us directly ASAP. 

Remember: you snooze you lose.

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The morning walk ...

Posted on February 01, 2012 by Nikki

This morning the furry kids decided that we had to take a stroll around the farm at 06h20.

You see there were important things to inspect, stuff that simply could not wait. Obviously.

These important items included vineyards, delicious almost-ripe grapes, holes, other dogs' bums and imaginary creatures that go bump in the bushes.

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Miss Molly and her Family

Posted on January 17, 2012 by Nikki

Miss Molly is not - as some might believe - an only child. She is in fact part of a family of six other dogs. She's a very good sister and has a lot of time for her siblings (both older and younger).

We thought we'd share some of our favourite pictures of Miss Molly's family with you. They're all huge characters and somewhat responsible for Molly growing into the star she is.

Snoop - The Poop - Friedman

He is the Head Honcho. Don't be fooled by his size or charismatic grin, he's a tiger. Grrr.

Snoopy also likes to play dress up. Some of his favourite outfits include: Mountain Explorer (pictured below), Bride, Dancing Queen (with painted nails) and Dog Recovering from an Accident.

Sally - The Legend - Friedman

Sally has been a Friedman for 16 years. She's swum more swimming pool lengths than most labradors, surfed bigger waves than most men and chased many a visitor off the farm.

Sally is getting on in years and now enjoys: a leisurely breakfast in bed. and pre-cleaning the contents of a full dishwasher.

Koemba Friedman

Koemba is huge but he honestly believes that he is the size of a sausage dog. He is terrified of only one thing ... the cat, Tinkerbell.

Fudge - The Budgie - Friedman

If you've spent any time at Môreson you've probably met Fudge - The Budgie - Friedman. He's our Mr Social, a regular fixture at Bread & Wine and around the wine tasting.

He loves long romantic rides in the car, attention and making sure he is as wet as possible before he climbs onto any kind of furniture.

Lucy - The Goose - Friedman

Lucy - The Goose - Friedman is the latest Addition to Miss Molly's family. She's already a firm favourite who loves to terrorise empty coke bottles (the plastic kind), wrappers and stuffed animals.

This week she discovered her big dog bark and is now practicing on anything that moves, including Miss Molly. It's all terribly exciting!

As you can see Miss Molly's family is packed full of interesting characters. They're often two bottles short of a box but they keep her life, and our lives, very interesting.

P.S. Not pictured but just as important: Tom - The Tank - Friedman.

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