Bread Making Course

We’ve all grown up believing that a person shouldn’t ever play with their food. At Môreson we’d love to dispel this archaic myth once and for all.

In our Bread & Wine bread making courses you´ll be taught how to have fun with food, making magic in any kitchen. Learn how to fill your own kitchen with that famous freshly baked bread smell and become the baker you always knew you could be.

If you´re looking for something new, exciting and a little provocative call us: (021) 876 4004 or and book yourself a spot in our next bread making course.

Venue: Bread & Wine Vineyard RestaurantMôreson Farm, Franschhoek.

For more information and up-to-date class dates please click here.

Cost: R895 per person (excludes beverages and gratuity).

Max Group Size: 10 people.

The Programme:

  1. The course kicks off at 09h30 sharp
  2. Upon arrival each participant will receive their very own apron, recipe book and ingredients
  3. Each participant will learn how to make four different types of dough including: focaccia, olive oil brown, sourdough and soda bread
  4. While these breads bake participants get to experience the phenomenal array of award-winning Môreson wines
  5. Following this tasting lunch is served at Bread & Wine Vineyard Restaurant accompanied by a selection of each participant's baked breads
  6. Take-homes include: recipes and an apron.

Full Bread Making Course – Upcoming Dates 2016:

  1. 10th September

  2. 8th October

  3. 5th November

  4. 10th December.

Mini Bread Making Course (make two breads instead of four for just R585 per person) - Upcoming Dates 2016:
  1. 13th September
  2. 17th October.