Four Square Club

Think Apres Ski, without the snow, meets a Country Club without the Golf. 


Can all these things exist? Is this all but a dream? F*$k knows, but it certainly is pretty. 

From the moment we open our doors at 10:30 am to the moment we close, 5pm (it’s nothing personal, we just like to catch the sunset), we have something delicious on offer.  


Elevenses KitKats

Those looking to munch before lunch.


We’ve got you covered, until we don’t. We only prepare a certain number of our select dishes each day. When we’re out, we are out. 

Muncher's (3pm - close)

Has the need for a snack attacked? Have you been hit hard by the mid-afternoon munchies? Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy have you come to the right place. We've got just the thing, or two, for you.

Liquid Dieter's

We have wine, yes, obviously. An extensive selection of the best-of-the-best. If bubbles is your bag we're LV baby.  

All wined out? Be a Golden Goose and take a Gander at our short selection of diabolically good Disco Drinks. Try say that after two … 

Whatever your jam we don’t judge. Total acceptance is what you’ll find waiting for you at One Happy Valley … Can you feel the serenity? 

Prepare yourself for:

  • A menu where we have endeavoured to include at least one element that is farm grown or foraged. Ultimately culminating in a menu that is Franschhoek focused.
{It's time for you to taste the #Hoek Peter Pan!}
  • A menu that is heavily slanted to the plant. Meat is a side.
  • Changes people. Regular updating of our small menu. Monotony tastes as grey as it sounds.
  • A spectacular garden setting. If everything else is a miss our scenery is real pretty.