Neil Jewell

Neil was born in Southend-on-Sea and from the moment he could taste, smell and see he fell in love with his first life-long partner, and heavenly temptress, food.

It all started when his family moved from his childhood home to the city, leaving behind his mother’s freshly baked cakes and the family cooking-apple tree. Both parents began working and Neil took on the role as ‘head chef’; no one had any idea he’d be so good at it.

After school he studied at the South East Essex College of Art and Technology and honed his skills in the kitchens of Stephen Bull, Richard Corrigan and Ray Neve.

Neil started at Bread & Wine Vineyard Restaurant in 1999 and has been an instrumental aspect of its success. His food and approach are like a bite out of his personality – fresh, tasty and infused with a passion for life. He constantly charters new territory and, where his food is concerned, this has ensured that his scrumptious Charcuterie is used by restaurants far and wide. His food is delicious and uncomplicated and this, coupled with the tranquil Bread & Wine vibe, is why local chefs choose to hang out here on their days off.

His hard work and zest for life have paid off and he now lives a charmed life on Môreson Farm along with his vivacious wife, Tina, and their two gorgeous fairy-like daughters.