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Clayton Reabow & Mercator 2017 win Diners Club Winemaker of the Year 2018.

“I am honoured to be the recipient of South Africa’s Winemaker of the year. The result is a zenith of physical and emotional contributions by each and every member of our team. Our collective mindset, raised 11 years ago, and a ever-continuing journey to grow and produce great Chardonnay with focus, energy, precision and restraint.” /Clayton Reabow

What a title. What a wine.

To celebrate this incredible achievement we’ve decided to release a limited amount of 2018’s best South African Chardonnay – Mercator 2017. To purchase yours click here.

Chardonnay, our queen ... 

As we progressed on our 25-year wine journey it became evident, fairly early on, that we’d found ourselves in Chardonnay quicksand.  

There simply was no escaping the variety of products this phenomenal varietal held the key to. Capable of producing magnificent Cap Classiques, mind-blowing oaked and un-oaked still wines and next-level sticky wines – Chardonnay is undoubtedly the queen of the white wine stage. 

Over the years we’ve unpacked and repacked our relationship with our Chardonnay many times. We’ve come to understand and adore our Chardonnay vineyards and clones in much the same way that people come to know and love their children. 

At the epicenter of this love affair with Chardonnay is our Mercator née Premium Chardonnay.

Mercator’s greatest vintage hits include (and we’ve left off the less notable so as not to bore). 

  1. Mercator 2017: the wine that clinched the title of` Diners Club Winemaker of the Year 2018 for Clayton Reabow. 
  2. Mercator 2014: the first wine in our portfolio to be awarded a coveted Platter 5 Star.
  3. Mercator 2007: the wine that saw a fresh-faced 24-year old Clayton Reabow being awarded the title of Diners Club Junior Winemaker of Year 2009. 

Chardonnay + Clayton Reabow = a match made in wine heaven! 

This most recent accolade sees Clayton Reabow being the first person, in the history of the Diners Club Winemaker of the Year competition, to win both Junior and Senior categories. He’s made the record books and done it in his usual poetic fashion, by achieving it with the same wine separated by a decade of vintages. 

“Beautiful symmetry, just like his wines!” /an Adoring Fan