Môreson, One Happy Valley.

Summer 2018 vol. 1 

|Our Present|

Môreson – number One Happy Valley – is home to Môreson Wines, Bread & Wines Vineyard Restaurant, Happy Valley Distillery, The Gin Palace, Maison Molly and Happy Valley Charcuterie.

This unique collection of Taste Experiences is the result of 25 years of thoughtful Cap Classique and Wine production; coupled with 20 years of focus on our favourite meal … lunch.

|Our Past|

Môreson has been part of the Friedman family for the past 33 years. Over the course of three generations this 30Ha farm, located at the end of the aptly named Happy Valley Road, has set about transforming itself into the charming property that is a must on every local and internation Taste Tourist’s itinerary. 

|Our Mindset|

Môreson, pioneers of the Wine of Origin Franschhoek (#WoOF) movement, have been at the forefront of putting the Franschhoek Wine Appellation on the map.

As GROWER | PRODUCERS we pride ourselves in our continued investment in the Quality, Soul and Integrity of our wines. 

Môreson, One Happy Valley … a Best Life Experience.