2016 Mkm Pinotage
2016 Mkm Pinotage
2016 Mkm Pinotage

2016 Mkm Pinotage

"A site-specifc Stellenbosch Heritage Pinotage"

It’s 1994 … a huge year for South Africa and a first for Môreson

The scene: A converted shed (still a central part of our present-day winery operations) a press, some tanks, a consultant, passion to the n-th degree and just enough knowledge to be dangerous.

The proprietor, Richard, his wife - Eveanne - and their then Gardener, Moraka “Klaas” Maffa set about producing Môreson’s maiden vintage of wines. This marked the beginning of a wine journey that has spanned 25 years. A voyage filled with all ups and downs, joys and sorrows that a quarter-of-a-century passage of time allows for.

Klaas Maffa - who embarked on this wine journey from the very start - was a trailblazer. Originally from Limpopo he and his wife, Betty, travelled to the Western Cape seeking a life-changing opportunity. He joined our team as a member of the Garden Division and quickly worked his way up. This journey culminated with him in the position of “Assistant Farm Manager and Viticulturalist”.

Klaas sadly passed away in early 2011. To celebrate his life, his spirit and his attitude we named our flagship Pinotage Moraka.Klaas.Maffa.

This wine, like the man, knows no limitations.


Type: Finished Wines

Vendor: Môreson