FYM 2017
FYM 2017
FYM 2017

FYM 2017

As we progressed on our 25-year wine journey it became evident, fairly early on, that we’d found ourselves in Chardonnay quicksand. 

There simply was no escaping the variety of products this phenomenal cultivar held the key to. Capable of producing magnificent Cap Classiques, mind-blowing oaked and un-oaked still wines and next-level sticky wines – Chardonnay is undoubtedly the queen of the white wine stage. 

In our 25 years we’ve unpacked and repacked our relationship with our Chardonnay many times. We’ve come to understand and adore our Chardonnay vineyards and clones in much the same way that people come to know and love their children. 

Through our unpacking of this cultivar we discovered a now extinct Chardonnay Clone (CY18) alive and thriving on Môreson. This small parcel (0.28Ha) of vines, located alongside our private airstrip, was our very first foray into single-vineyard site-specific wines. 

It’s a taste celebration of both our beginning and our journey. 

“A Fox and Yankee and a Mike walk into a bar … the fox orders a Chardonnay, Yankee Doodles and Mike performs some magic.”


Our FYM (fox.yankee.mike) Chardonnay is a belter of a wine. The kind that attracts wolf whistles from bankers. She turns heads. She's been known to cause whiplash; just ask our local GP.

She is wooded, obviously. She is voluptuous in a way that would make Botticelli oh so proud. She is, well, she is a Victoria's Secret model in a bottle … there we said it! 

Only 100 cases per vintage and she’s only produced in exceptional years. 
Pack away the sandpaper Cameron, this one’s a keeper.

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