Nv Moreson Mcc Pink (Brut Rose)

Nv Moreson Mcc Pink (Brut Rose)

Pink is the belle of any ball and she looks particularly vivacious at social gatherings, parties and weddings. She’s our youthful, perfectly pink méthode cap classique and she’s completely captivating.

Pink spends time on the skins, for colour, and is bottle-fermented (in the traditional manner) for at least 24 months.

Her exquisite hue conjures up romantic images of fair maidens, dashing knights and mythical dragons; while her light and yeasty taste – with flirty undertones of strawberry and raspberry – spellbinds your taste buds.

Pink is at her best when she’s had a few hours to chill. Open her carefully; long journeys tend to get her a bit frazzled.


Type: Finished Wines

Vendor: Môreson