Nv Moreson Mcc Solitaire (Bdb)

Nv Moreson Mcc Solitaire (Bdb)

Solitaire doesn’t walk she waltzes. Somewhat of a princess - but never a prima donna - she’s our Miss Social. This méthode cap classique is always ready for a party and you’ll find yourself inventing celebrations just so you can have her round.

Made from 100% Chardonnay - a small portion of which is wooded – Solitaire is bottle-fermented in the traditional manner and undergoes a 24 month maturation. Once completed, and her characteristic biscuity nose and shortcake palate have developed, Solitaire is ready for consumption.

She’s at her best when she’s had a few hours to chill. Please open her carefully; long journeys tend to get her a bit frazzled.

Awards: 4* Wine Magazine. Veritas Gold Medal 2010. Chardonnay du Monde Silver Medal 2011.


Type: Finished Wines

Vendor: Môreson