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Mata Mata 2016
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The Widow Maker Pinotage 2015
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Pi Not Age 2015
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Summer 2017 vol. 1 

This year has been a BIG year for the Môreson red wines and it didn’t happen by accident. In fact it has been quite some time in the making

In August the MKM 2015 Pinotage started our 2017 award-run by being included in the ABSA Top 10 line-up. We’ve been absent from these awards for the past 10 years, making it into the top 20 but not getting any further. Being invited back into the exclusive Top 10 club for this wine was a real feather in our cap.  

“25 years ago we made wine in two converted sheds with a team that knew just enough to be dangerous. What could possibly go wrong? MKM – Moraka Klaas Maffa (MKM) was a key member of that team. This wine is everything that he meant to us, his Môreson family.” 

The MKM 2015 is an excellent example of what Pinotage, the South African Cultivar, is truly capable of. As with all our wines you’ll need to buy it now while you still can. With only 996 bottles in worldwide circulation it is a collectors items. We recommend cellaring it for as long as you can possible hold yourself back. 

“He was ruthless. He was dangerous. And as the name implies, very macho” …

Introducing our 2018 Platter 5 Star wine: The Môreson Cabernet Franc 2015.  

This is our second Platter 5 Star in as many years, it is also our very first 5 Star for a Môreson red wine.  

What can we say about our Cabernet Franc? Frankly he’s not slight. Yet – for such a large character – he is unbelievably elegant. A dazzling experience for lovers of this phenomenal cultivar who are interested in a Cabernet Franc with moves like Mick Jagger. 

He’s aged very gracefully over the past few years. Like all of our Môreson red wines our Cabernet Franc is now as au-natural as it gets. In fact it is even Vegan friendly. Seriously? Seriously, yes.

Then onto our last piece of wine related news. Our favourite winemaker – Clayton Reabow – has been included as a finalist in the 2017 Diners Club Winemaker of the Year competition

The wine that got him there is another superb example of Pinotage from Môreson. Yes we are talking about our favourite widow in the world, our very own femme fatale: The Widow Maker 2015

“Onto husband number five is our dear Madam Widow Maker. You would think by now they’d tire of trying, but they don’t. Perhaps it’s the thrill of it all? Or perhaps she’s as much of a treat as the Môreson Widow Maker Pinotage 2015? The only hesitation seems to be before the first sip. Once you’ve crossed that bridge the rest is, as Madam Widow Maker’s previous husbands knew only so well, history.” 

If you’re a complete Pinotage junkie this is definitely a must buy. Although if you haven’t got this already can you really call yourself a Pinotage junkie? Then for those of you that aren’t yet sold on this cultivar or have yet to experience it – you can’t go wrong with a Pinotage from Môreson. 

Have a fabulous start to summer. 


The Lady Fizz


Absa Top 10 Pinotage Finalist
July 25, 2018

Go team Môreson! Two of our wines are finalists for the 2018 Absa Top Ten Pinotage!

Winter wine tasting at Môreson
July 04, 2018

The good news? We do wine tastings throughout winter from 9:30 – 17:00. The premium tasting is 5 wines from our Môreson range for R50pp. Come sink into some wines by our new fireplace.

Cape Wine 2018: Cape Site Specific
June 26, 2018
We're excited to announce that Môreson has joined a collaboration of like-minded producers who share a common vision of creating wines from specific vineyard sites across the Cape Winelands.
The Siris Vintners Annual Trade Show 2018
June 05, 2018

What fun that was! We came, we saw, we poured. And we launched the new rebranded Miss Molly Cap Classique! Thank you Bubbles Hyland for the photos.