Growing Pains

Posted on October 14, 2008 by Nikki

It's tempting to keep this blog just focused on the positive and beautiful. Who doesn't want to live in a make believe world?

We live in the most exquisite valley, we work in an exciting industry and, as much as we'd like to be, we're not perfect. The truth is we're a young team who has never really worked as a team. Some days we get it. These days are our favourite and we'd love to have 365 of these days every year.

Unfortunately growing is some how equated with painful, terribly awkward, moments. We all thought adolescence was over. Yay, no more cringe worthy events!

We were wrong.

Instead of boys, and girls, we have hopeless crushes on we now have crushes on customers and consumers. We try play it cool, doing all the right things to impress - but sometimes we get it embarrassingly wrong. It's a struggle to find the balance between processes and imagination and magic. Has anyone else experienced this?

Processes are needed to get the work done effectively (from start to finish). Orders don't get delivered on time and to the right place without processes. However we're not a traditional wine farm and over processing leaves no room for the exuberant.

What we're finding is that when you pack all of us, with our individual personalities, into one farm the outcome isn't always pretty. It's not that the intentions are bad or wrong, it's just they're not always team intentions. There's no room for a self-absorbed attitude. The trouble is self-absorption is a natural human state. As we are flexing, growing and working on our relationships with each other we sometimes lose sight of our most valuable relationship- our relationship with you, our customers and consumers. It becomes about being right not doing the right thing for you.

Is our passion, love and commitment enough to rise about this natural human condition?

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New Vineyards

Posted on October 07, 2008 by Nikki

We're in the process of removing the lemon orchards, located on the bottom half of the farm, to make room for a few more blocks of Chardonnay and - wait for it - Pinot Noir.

If you've ever been to Môreson you'll know that there are lemon orchards flanking the winery and Bread & Wine Vineyard Restaurant. Please don't stress, these aren't the lemons were removing. Those of you that come and visit and, on your way out, stop to fill up with lemons [yes we know some you guys do this] can breath a sigh of relief.

Moreson New Vineyards

The barren fields you see in the background will soon be home to Chardonnay. While this lush, green field is going to be where our very first block of Pinot Noir is going.

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Posted on September 15, 2008 by Nikki

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Garden Route Trip

Posted on September 14, 2008 by Nikki

I've recently been on a week long road trip up the Garden Route. It was breathtakingly beautiful. A combination of perfect weather, spectacular scenery and great company (my mum) made more an unforgettable adventure.

Along the way we stopped in at Plettenberg Bay's only wine farm, Bramon, for lunch and a spot of wine tasting (they're apparently one of only 2 farms, world-wide, that produce a pure Sauvignon Blanc Cap Classique).

The setting was captivating. Aspects that I loved were the food 'check-list', the tables situated between the vines and the sign.

Tables Between the Vines at Bramon

Picture: Tables between the vines at Bramon

Food 'Check List'

Picture: Food 'Check List'

Bramon Sign

Picture: The Sign

We actually like this sign so much that we've decided we're going to pay homage to it.

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The Bastille Voucher Debacle

Posted on September 05, 2008 by Nikki

At this year's Bastille Day celebrations the Môreson team, comprised of Andre and Klaas, came second in the highly competitive Barrel Rolling Competition. One of the perks of being placed in the top 3 is a prize. It's not just any prize, it's generally something quite cool. Second place, this year, won a sizeable voucher to a local restaurant. Yay for Klaas and Andre!

Last week the guys decided that it was time to cash in on their Bastille good-fortune. Klaas removed the voucher from it's envelope, called the restaurant listed on the voucher and made a booking for lunch. He then placed the voucher back in it's envelope. Andre, ever the gentleman, drove both Klaas and himself to the restaurant listed on the envelope.

The restaurant they arrived at, the one listed on the envelope, had absolutely no knowledge of the booking Klaas had made that very day. Luckily they had space and Klaas and Andre proceeded to dine out on a lavish lunch - 3 course each. Yummy. The rather large cost of the meal was of no concern, after all they had the 'sizeable voucher'.

After eating until they could really eat no more they asked for the bill. When it arrived they tried to pay with the voucher only to discover that it wasn't for the restaurant in question. The name on the outside of the envelope didn't match the name of the voucher.

I suppose, on the bright side, they still have a voucher for lunch.

Picture: The Môreson Team with Andre (middle head circled in red) and Klaas (right head circled in red)

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Spring has finally arrived at Moreson

Posted on September 03, 2008 by Nikki

After a weekend packed full of horrendous weather we were presently surprised by the sun-soaked, almost balmy weather today. It seems that Spring (everyone at Môreson is keeping their fingers crossed) has finally arrived!

You must have seen the signs? The sun that's rising earlier and setting later. The oak trees that are suddenly donning the latest in fresh green garments, and the breathtaking blossoms. Yes all signs point to Spring. Now, if only the vines would take the hint.

Sprouting forth

Picture: It's ALIVE!

Beautiful Blossoms

Picture: Pink is still huge in the Blossom community.

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The Franschhoek Uncorked Post Mortem

Posted on September 01, 2008 by Nikki

This weekend past played host to the very festive Franschhoek Uncorked Weekend. We, that's all of us at Môreson, had allowed ourselves to hope that the weather would be spectacular - but alas it was not meant to be.

The Uncorked Weekend experienced possibly the worst weather the Western Cape has seen all winter.

Waves and foam harassing houses in Bakoven, Cape Town

Picture: Bakoven, Cape Town 31st August 2008

Even this weather didn't stop people from missioning out to the winelands for a day of delicious wine, sumptous food, fabulous music and fantastic fun. Everywhere we looked at Môreson we saw happy people drinking our wine, eating our food and laughing with their mates.

We loved having everyone around so much that we've already started planning for the Uncorked Weekend next year. Hopefully, regarding the weather, third time will be a charm.

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